Meet Sean Wood

Sean Wood’s interest in wine extends back to undergraduate days in Montreal. Subsequently, he spent 2 years in his birthplace, London, England ostensibly engaged in post-graduate study in History. This was prior to the huge inflation in wine prices, when even the great wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy were inexpensive. He had the opportunity to taste many top wines from celebrated post-war vintages, an experience that kindled a life-long zeal for the grape.

Sean was, until recently, weekly wine columnist for the Halifax Chronicle Herald, a post he held for 17 years. He is a regular contributor to Quench, the leading Canadian wine and food magazine, and has written for other national and international wine and spirits publications. He travels extensively to report on developments in wine regions throughout the world. Sean has conducted numerous wine-related events as well as providing consulting and training services to the hospitality industry and to government. He was a founding member of the Association of Sommeliers of the Atlantic Provinces (now CAPS, Atlantic) and taught for several years in the Sommelier Certification program. He frequently serves as a wine judge for various competitions.

Sean has strongly supported the development of viticulture in Nova Scotia. In April, 2001, he served as Coordinator for the first Atlantic Canada Wine Symposium as well as a follow up event several years later. His book on Nova Scotia Wineries and Wine Country was released in September, 2006.




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